Fun Facts About Your Wedding Photographer


The Ocean & Nature are my Happy Place.


I love traveling, who doesn’t? Am I right? I am blessed; I have visited the entire California Coast, Jamaica, France, Italy & Spain.


I love Window Shopping, Souvenir Shopping, any kind of Shopping really!


My Family is everything to me— they are my absolute rock!


Gardening is my guilty pleasure; my favorite plant is Lavendar.

First of all, hello! I already introduced myself on the “Meet Corri” page but I feel like its so important for my clients to get a good grasp on who I am as a person.

Why? Well, I feel like it builds trust and also, maybe you’ll see something and think, “Hey! I love that too!” or “Hey, that sounds a lot like me!”.

I fully believe that you shouldn’t hire a Wedding Photographer based on price or based on availability but you should really dig in and find a photographer that you connect with on a deeper level wether it be personally or through their imagery.

So here is some Fun Facts about me, and hey, if you relate, why don’t you shoot me a message and let’s plan to meet up for coffee at a local coffee shop.


I have a healthy obsession with 60’s, 80’s and 90’s movies, HGTV & The Travel Channel.


My favorite Bucket List Destination is Tuscany & Grasse, France.


No matter what Country I am in, I always feel at home in a Fruit Market. Easily, one of my favorite spots on the entire earth.