about you and the little details of your wedding

Yay! You are officially in my books— thank you for hiring me as your Wedding Photographer. I know how much planning goes into such a special day and I would love to hear a few more details about you and your Wedding. I may already have some of this information but I like to confirm to make sure to avoid any communication errors. Please just take a few minutes together and fill this out for me, I’ll be in touch shortly after. I can’t wait to get you in front of my camera!

My name is... *
My name is...
My fiancé's name is... *
My fiancé's name is...
You can find me at @biesemeyervisualartistry
Your Pinterest Board will help me to see what your vision is.
I need this to to send you important information and any other products and materials relating to the services I am providing.
If you currently have a different address, please provide that as well, I am going to drop a little something in the mail for you.
WEDDING INFORMATION - Please Confirm Wedding Details
The date of our Wedding/Elopement is... *
The date of our Wedding/Elopement is...
We tentatively need ( _ ) hours of coverage on our wedding day... *
Please note Venue name(s) and if Ceremony and Reception will be indoors or outdoors.
Color Scheme? Theme? Florals? Notable features...
Religious traditions, family traditions or other important details...
Moments we would love captured... *
We would love to learn more about adding (_) to our Collection...
What Style of Photos do you prefer? *
We typically mix a style of Documentary and Natural/Lightly Posed Portraits.
Because having good light is KEY for me! It is difficult to have flattering light indoors unless there is good window light. Sometimes weather prevents this, we will have a backup plan in this case and do our best to work around weather conditions.

Your big day is almost here

time for us to plan out the details

The big day is close! Time for us to plan out the details. I plan thoroughly, initially, so you can enjoy your Wedding Day to the fullest. Making sure we are on the same page before your Wedding is so important. Please fill out this questionnaire to the best of your abilities. This will help me plan the timeline and portraits for your Wedding and will assure you have the great photography experience that you deserve! I will be in touch with you 1 Month before your Wedding to confirm details. 

Estimated Time to Complete Questionnaire: 20 Minutes

Note, Seasonal Sunset Time:
Note, Seasonal Sunset Time:
Photographer Start Time
Photographer Start Time
Photographer End Time
Photographer End Time
If necessary, I will do a walkthrough with you at your Venue at some point before the Wedding so we can plan together accordingly.
Wedding Date *
Wedding Date
Bride Name *
Bride Name
Bride Phone Number *
Bride Phone Number
Groom Name *
Groom Name
Groom Phone Number *
Groom Phone Number
Coordinator Name
Coordinator Name
If you do not have one, leave blank.
Coordinator Phone Number
Coordinator Phone Number
Do you need Bridal "Getting Ready" Portraits? *
We typically do "finishing touches", when Bride already has hair and makeup close to finished with accessorizing and getting into her dress to follow.
Bride Getting Ready Time:
Bride Getting Ready Time:
Please make sure room is somewhat clear of clutter if possible.
Do you need Portraits getting into or zipping the back of the dress? *
It is common to have the bridal party and mother(s) dressed and ready before the bride so they can assist the bride with the dress.
If yes, are there any extra special accessories that I should highlight?
If you would like photos of your details, please have the following items ready in the Bridal Suite. I will capture details before I start photographing you getting ready. If time is limited, I can grab a few of these details during portraits later in the day.
Please check all of the items you wish to have photographed, I suggest at least your dress, jewelry, both rings and flowers.
Do you need getting ready portraits of the Groom? *
It is common to have the Father(s) and Groomsmen ready before the groom to help adjust his tie, pin boutonniere, etc. Groom will tie shoes, put jacket on and adjust cufflinks for Photographer. ***Please note, if the Bride and Groom are not getting ready at the same location, due to time and safety factors, we will not be able to take "getting ready" portraits of the groom. However, I will pull him aside during portraits to take "mock" getting ready portraits.
Groom Getting Ready Time:
Groom Getting Ready Time:
Do you need photos of the Groom's Details? *
If you'd like photos of the Groom's details, I will need these following items ready in the Groom's Suite before his getting ready photos.
Please check all of the items you wish to have photographed.
Will the Bride and Groom see each other before the Ceremony? *
Do you want to do First Look? *
If you are not doing a First Look, are you open to doing a couple formals before the Ceremony, if time permits? *
Such as Bride and Bridesmaids, Groom and Groomsmen. We will do these outside so we will need a nice shaded space if this is an option.
First Look Time: *
First Look Time:
We will need to do this outside if possible, in a shaded area. If you are unsure, I will take a look around the Venue to find the best location.
Are you having a Ceremony? *
Ceremony Time:
Ceremony Time:
If so, please specify where this will happen. If nothing special is happening, my assistant and I will take this time for a brief break and to prepare for Portraits.
Will you need any Family Photos? *
Do you want to do these before/after Ceremony?
If you do need Family Photos, and you are getting married in a Church, do you want group photos to be taken at the altar, or are you okay with going outside for better light?
This is also dependent on weather & time of day.
Family Portraits Time:
Family Portraits Time:
Please note, there are divorces, are they comfortable being photographed together?
Is there a Friend or Family Member that can help us organize during Family Portraits?
Is there a Friend or Family Member that can help us organize during Family Portraits?
We will give our best effort to organize, but it is much easier to have someone who knows who everyone is, to help us.
It is super important to the Timeline that we limit Family Portraits to immediate Family. These are my group suggestions: *
Please check all that apply, we will do other variations if time permits.
If not, please list other groupings below. Please limit to 10 groupings.
Do you need Wedding Party Portraits? *
Wedding Party Portraits Time:
Wedding Party Portraits Time:
We may go to this location IF time permits. Please limit to 1 Location. This is dependent on weather and time of day; we will make every effort to plan a backup location in case of rain.
Maid of Honor
Maid of Honor
Best Man
Best Man
Bridesmaids & Groomsmen....
Do you want Couples Portraits? *
If time is limited, I suggest cutting down Wedding Party and Family Portraits to permit time for Couples Portraits. I typically need up to 30 minutes with you. At this time, any lingering Family or Wedding Party will be dismissed. This time is about YOU! It will be a lot of loving on each other, laughing, and we will also grab Portraits of each of you, if we haven't already during the earlier part of the day.
Couples Portraits Time:
Couples Portraits Time:
We typically do these after Family Portraits and Wedding Party Portraits so there are no distractions.
Do you need us for any events at the Reception? *
Reception Time:
Reception Time:
We typically end all Portraits 45 minutes (drive time needs to be accounted for in addition) prior to Reception so we are able to arrive with enough time to setup and photograph the room and details. Please note, we will stay for our contacted amount of time, if you think you'll need more time for us to capture key events at the Reception, please give advanced notice.
Are you starting with a Grand Entrance?
Grand Entrance Time:
Grand Entrance Time:
Example... 1. First Dance 6:00pm, 2. Cake Cutting 7:00pm, 3. Sparkler Exit 8:00pm
Dinner Time:
Dinner Time:
Please make sure your coordinator knows this if it is a served meal so we can be served at the same time as you. This will ensure that we can get back to work as quickly as possible.
We will capture this if it is within our contracted amount of time.