Corri Biesemeyer

the photographer

Hey there, I am Corri— I am so happy you’re here! I wish I could be sitting with you at at the studio over a warm and fragrant cup of coffee but until then, this will do! So, who is this girl that will be following you around with her camera?

Well first of all, she smiles, a lot! I’ve been asked why I smile so much and my reply was that I wasn’t aware I smiled more than what is socially acceptable. I guess we could just say, smiling is my favorite. I am a dog mom to one very lovable pupper named Gandalf, I love traveling to new places and cooking my favorite dishes from recent travels. I enjoy gardening and find peace in nature and spending time and creating memories and traditions with my family. There’s a million other things about me but I’ll save you the novel until I get published.

I want to learn more about you! Shoot me a message and tell me all about you and the vision that you have. Everything you need to know to get started is on my “The Investment” page. I can’t wait to hear from you!