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The $50 Refundable Cleaning Fee will be automatically added to your invoice.
Refundable Cleaning Fee | It is mandatory to keep the studio in clean and orderly condition for the next renter. The studio must be left as you found it with all equipment and furnishings put back into place. If the studio is left in clean condition, you will receive your $50 refund within 7 days of your studio rental date. Cleaning supplies are located in the kitchen by the washer and dryer. Trash - take all trash with you and replace the bags. Trash bags are located in the kitchen by the washer and dryer. Floors - if dirt, water, snow, debris, or salt gets tracked into the studio, sweep up using the broom and dust pan located in the kitchen by the washer and dryer. A mop and water bucket will be available with the cleaning supplies. This helps keep the floors tidy for the next studio guest. Surfaces - wipe down any soiled surfaces. No use of loose glitter/sequins. Treat all equipment and studio furnishings as your own. You will be billed at full price for any damages to the studio equipment and property. If something is low on stock (toilet paper, paper towels, k-cups, water bottles, etc.) please let us know. If the studio is not in clean condition after your rental, you will not receive the $50 refund. *
I understand that I will be charged a $50 Refundable Cleaning Fee. This fee will be refunded within 7 days of the studio rental date only if the studio is left in a clean condition and in the same state it was found. I understand that all trash must be taken out with me, surfaces are wiped down if dirtied, and dirt/debris on the floor must be swept/mopped as needed. The cleaning fee is also not refundable if smoking of any kind occurs within the premises. *
Rental Time | Rental time ends when the last person in your group walks out of the studio. Please keep this in mind when planning your shoot. If you will need extra time to set up or break down, factor this into your time needed. If you go over your rental time, you must notify us immediately! We often have renters in the same day back to back so it is important that you stick to your time slot.
I understand and agree that no smoking of any kind or drug use is allowed within the studio space and throughout the entire premises. No one will be admitted who is under the influence of illegal substances. A $500 fine will be charged for each incident. *
No alcoholic beverages are allowed inside the studio. *
If you must serve a cocktail, wine or other lite beverage, please ask owner for permission.
No loose glitter or sequins in the Studio *
No pets allowed without prior consent of Studio Representative *
Excessive Noise or Disturbance | The studio is not sound proof. Please be respectful of our neighbors and their privacy. Please keep the volume and music at a low or reasonable level at all times. *
Occupancy Limit | We ask that you keep the occupancy limited to 25 people in the Studio at one time. *
I understand and agree that I am the sole renter and I will not share or sublease the space with anyone else. If it is found that this is the case, you'll be charged double the rental rate. *
Entrance | Upon arrival for your rental, you will ring the doorbell, Studio Representative will confirm your identity and appointment and buzz you in upon approval. The front door will lock automatically behind you once you enter. *
Parking | Immediate street parking is available both in front of the studio and to the side of the studio. Street parking is non-metered. *
Leaving | When you leave, please make sure all lights are off, the backdoor is locked and the AC is turned up to 80, in the winter, keep the heat on 68. The thermostat is located on the back wall of the studio. Please clean up all messes. Please move furniture back to its normal position. *
I have read and agree to the studio rules, studio rental agreement, terms, and conditions. *
I understand that I may be charged for any damages to the studio/property and for any clean up required from my use. *
Payment | You'll be sent an invoice and rental agreement after this form is received. You must sign the rental agreement and pay the invoice immediately for booking. Dates cannot be held without full payment.