If you’ve made it this far, I think we might just be a good fit. Need more details? Check out the laid-back & personalized experience I provide to each of my clients. After that, if you feel confident, just shoot me a message about booking and the rest is history.

Step 01


So you love my work, you’ve emailed me, we’ve had a chat about you and your Wedding and you’re ready to book. What now? First, take a deep breath and let out a sigh of relief that the search is over. Doesn’t that feel great? Now, all we have to do is setup our Initial Consult. Simple, huh?

Step 02


We’ve set the day for our Initial Consult and are meeting up at a local coffee house or your favorite brunch spot. At the Initial Consult, you’ll pay your reservation fee, we will create a rough timeline and get the paper work out of the way so we can start planning all the fun details. This is a great time to ask questions, I want you to be comfortable and feel like you’re being heard, I am an open book. 1-2 months before your Wedding, we will setup one last consult to pay your final payment, go over last minute details and finalize the Wedding Day plan.

Step 03


It’s the day of your Engagement Session, we’ve picked a beautiful Spring or Fall day and you’ve got your beauty sleep, you’re not nervous because you know that this is just going to be an intimate and lighthearted snuggle session with the love of your life. Let perfection go, this is about the way you look at each other, the smile you get when he whispers something ridiculous in your ear, relax and enjoy.

Step 04

Wedding Day

Do you remember what I said about not being nervous? The big day is here. You’ll be tempted to get caught up in perfection and nerves, but take a moment to reflect and think to yourself, “Wow, this is it”. Relax and enjoy all the time you put into this day. Fun, Love, Family, Friends, that’s what matters today. I am here to document all those things that matter.

Step 05

After the Wedding

2 weeks after your big day you will enjoy a highlight preview of 20-30 images of your Wedding Day. Gosh, how priceless it is to have these memories? Up to 90 days following your Wedding Day, you’ll recieve your online gallery. You can choose to share the gallery on social media, with friends and family, or even create a favorites list. You and your family will also have the option to order prints directly from the gallery site. If you decide to order a Specialty Heirloom Print or Album, you’ll be given the opportunity to schedule an Ordering Consult. The Ordering Consult is the perfect opportunity to use your Heirloom Shop Credit and choose the Album or beautiful Framed Print that would fit perfect in your living room, you can even order quality gift prints for your loved ones. You’ll enjoy 20% off our Entire Heirloom Shop when you order during the Ordering Consult.

Step 06


After our Ordering Consult, if an Album has been ordered, we will start the Design Process. After the Design and Production Process, final product delivery will take place up to 1 month after your order is placed. Gift prints, Canvas and Framed Prints typically have a shorter Production and Delivery Time. Final Delivery will include any Print Orders, Album Orders and your USB which contains all the High Resolution images and a Print Release. You now have all of these Beautiful Heirlooms to relive your Wedding Day Memories to the fullest!