about you and the little details of your wedding

Thank you for your interest in hiring me as your Wedding Photographer. I know how much planning goes into such a special day and I would love to hear a few more details about you and your Wedding. I may already have some of this information but I like to confirm to make sure to avoid any communication errors. Please just take a few minutes together and fill this out for me, I’ll be in touch shortly after. 
I can’t wait to meet you both!

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My name is...
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My fiancé's name is...
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My Phone # is...
You can find me at @biesemeyervisualartistry
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I need this to to send you important information and any other products and materials relating to the services I am providing.
If you currently have a different address, please provide that as well, I am going to drop a little something in the mail for you.
WEDDING INFORMATION - Please Confirm Wedding Details
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The date of our Wedding/Elopement is...
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Please note Venue name(s) and if Ceremony and Reception will be indoors or outdoors.
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What Style of Photos do you prefer? *
We typically mix a style of Documentary and Natural/Lightly Posed Portraits.
Because having good light is KEY for me! It is difficult to have flattering light indoors unless there is good window light. Sometimes weather prevents this, we will have a backup plan in this case and do our best to work around weather conditions.